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YB's Bio




“Buravan” stands for Burabyo Yvan as his real name, born on 27th April 1995 in a post-genocide

generation. He is the last born in a family of 5 boys and one girl. His music focuses on romantic love,

justice, peace, and reconciliation.

Yvan Buravan is Rwanda’s finest music artist and one of the African superstars mostly recognized in East

Africa and country members of Francophonie.

Buravan’s sound in his first album has been described as world-class, Afro, RnB, Pop & soul singer, he is

also a songwriter where his tag is: “sing to express not to impress”.

Working on his second album, Buravan’s focus has been to start a movement giving Rwandan music

sound a Rwandan identity and inviting fellow artists to contribute to the cause to market Rwandan

culture abroad and penetrate the world music market with a uniqueness while continuing to give to his

fans great music.

Yvan Buravan's music feedbacks from fans and his awards, prove that it has been growing so fast since

2016, touched hundreds of families, individuals and has inspired many artists in Rwanda, East Africa and

across some parts of Africa.

Facts about Buravan’s first album launch dabbed “The love lab” and it’s accomplishments:

The name of the concert was inspired by the testimonies that the artist received from his fans

about how his love songs were a fuel of Couple’s relationships, how it helped kids find sleep,

give to tourists Rwandan memories.

The love lab concert being the first one-man show, it was sold out.

Buravan gave an energetic performance and inspired professional stage directors behind him to

come up with creative ideas that kept the audience in awe for the 2 hours experience of

Buravan’s performance. This is among his initiative to offer and share opportunities to the

young generation of Rwanda with talents.

RFI PRIX DECOUVERTES 2018 award : This award is by Radio France international “RFI” in

partnership with UNESCO, Institut Francais and Organization International de la Francophonie

“OIF” .

Following his award-winning Buravan accompanied by his band did a one-man show in Belgium

and France, also an African tour in 17 Country Cities across Africa which was attended by

150,000 people.

Yvan Buravan has been nominated for African Talent Awards (ATA) 2019: A platform designed

to reward and recognize young African talents both home and abroad in all fields. The aim is to

promote the work of young people for a conscious and enlightened Africa. He was competing in

the categories of Best Male Artist with other African giants, the awards ceremony was held in

Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on December 14.




van Buravan has been well received across the continent since the release of his first album:

“The Love lab ”.

He has been invited to perform in the “Amani Festival” in RDC.

He has been invited to perform in one of the biggest festival in Africa “FEMUA FESTIVAL” in


Yvan Buravan has conducted several interviews on local and international TV channels such as

RFI, France 24, CNBC Africa.. etc.

Buravan has received community recognition such as the Agahozo Shalom village award 2019

known as “Opus celebrity of the year”, Mahatma Gandhi University award of achievement, Best

video and audio of the year, and many more.

Yvan Buravan gets involved in charity initiatives that give hope to old and young people since he

believes in “Hope” to be the driving force of people's achievements. He also makes it a goal to

involve a variety of young talents in his yearly concerts thus giving platforms and jobs to other

young people.

He has been invited into national events as a guest or performer such as National Leadership

prayers, Rwanda Patriotic Front events, walk to remember, and other events that take place

during the Rwanda commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.




yvanburavan@gmail.com | www.yvanburavan.com |info@yvanburavan.com

WhatsApp: +250782169402


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