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Young Yvan Buravan

“Buravan'' is a combination of Burabyo Yvan, his real name. Yvan Buravan was born on the 27th of April 1995. He was the last born in a family of 6 siblings, five boys and one girl. As a kid, Buravan was curious and eager to learn so many things that connected him to his country. He grew up in an artistic and athletic family with his siblings and his father who was a poet and a Harmonicist, and his maternal grandfather Sayinzoga Galican who was a leader of the traditional troop “Indashyikirwa”. This helped him discover his singing and dancing talents at a very young age. At the age of 14, Buravan won his first award in a singing competition that was organized by Rwandatel in 2009.

YB's Bio

Early life and career

Yvan Buravan was one of the finest singers and songwriters in Rwanda, across the region, and in-country members of Francophonie. At the age of 21, he went on to a solo career of astonishing success delivering hit after hit. He released his first song ‘Bindimo’ in 2016, then Malaika which made history over the years till now.


In 2018, in a one-man show, Buravan released his first album dubbed ‘The Love Lab’. His sound in the album has been described as world-class, Afro, RnB, Pop, And soul singer. 

In 2021, he released his second album entitled ‘Twaje’. The sounds on this album are artistic works depicted with creativity, uniqueness, profound muse, and the match-up of ear-friendly instrumentals with harmonious melodies. 


Under his tag “sing to express not to impress”, Buravan’s music has focused on love, patriotism, culture, peace, and reconciliation. He was mostly inspired by his family’s love and his country’s resilience and development after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. 


Awards, Tours, and Achievements

Yvan Buravan won the RFI PRIX DECOUVERTES 2018 award: This award is by Radio France international “RFI” in partnership with UNESCO, Institut Francais, and Organization International de la Francophonie “OIF”.


Following his award-winning Yvan Buravan accompanied by his band did a one-man show in Belgium and France, also African tours in 17 Country Cities across Africa which were attended by over 150,000 people. 

Yvan Buravan was nominated for the African Talent Awards (ATA) 2019.


He was also invited to perform in the “Amani Festival” in RDC and the “FEMUA FESTIVAL”, in Côte d’Ivoire, one of the biggest festivals in Africa.


In 2019, he received community recognition such as the Agahozo Shalom village award known as “Opus celebrity of the year”. 


Yvan Buravan conducted several interviews on local and International TV channels such as

RFI, France 24, BBC, CNBC Africa, NTV Kenya, and RBA among others. 


He received the 2016 best Rwandan Video Award.

Charity activities and Events

Yvan Buravan got involved in charity initiatives that gave hope to old and young people because he believed ‘Hope’ to be the driving force of people's achievements. 


On his 27th birthday, Buravan spent the day visiting mothers who gave birth on his birthday and celebrating the newborn babies. In doing so, he got the chance to name some of these babies and also wrote them letters that they will read when they grow up.


Yvan Buravan also spent time sharing his career journey experiences with young people; for example students at the Nyundo School of Music, and Agahozo Shalom students among others.


His message was about encouraging them and advising them to have discipline, a fighting spirit, and most importantly teamwork. Because Yvan Buravan believed in a collective effort of everyone in achieving any big dream. 


Yvan Buravan has been invited to national events like National Leadership Prayer, Umushyikirano, Meet the President, Kwibuka events, Kwibohora events, and Youth Connekt among others.  




At the age of 27, Yvan Buravan peacefully passed away from pancreatic cancer on August 17th, 2022.  During his sickness, Buravan courageously fought and persevered through it all until the very end.

A commemoration event service was held on August 23rd 2022 at Camp Kigali where thousands of fans gathered to pay their respect.  on August 24th, 2022, He was laid to rest.



Yvan Buravan remains one of the most popular big names throughout his career life in Rwanda as he continuously influenced the younger generations to embrace and love our culture through music. After the release of Twaje audio album in December 2021, Buravan started sharing some of the videos on the album. He also worked on Twaje deluxe which he was excited about and couldn't wait to share with the world. One of the songs on the deluxe was 'Big Time' which is the last song Buravan released before his passing. 'Big Time' carries a message that was so dear to him, a message of love against all odds. His wish was to make people believe and spread love. 


Buravan left behind various major projects that will remain. In addition to YB, a brand that defines who he was as a person and an artist; there is the Twaje Album and Twaje Deluxe that expresses his desire to give Rwandan music identity.   

Despite being regarded as an iconic figure and a very known name among the juveniles; Buravan’s love for culture birthed ‘Twande’, a project he created, to restore and safeguard Rwandan cultural heritage. Twande is a Kinyarwanda word derived from Kwanda which means to Expand. His ambition was to preserve the beauty of Rwandan culture using his talent.




yvanburavan@gmail.com | www.yvanburavanmanagement@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +250781425737

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